Book FAQ

The how-to guide to making great Books

The How-To Guide To Making Great Books

Pick Your Favorite Journal

To make a Book, swipe to the Paper journal you’d like to print, tap on the sharing menu at the bottom, and tap on “Print to Book”. From here, you can then select a color for the back cover and spine, select up to 15 pages, and choose a quantity to order. Pages will be printed in the order they appear in your journal.

print a journal

Make a Great Cover

For your Book’s cover, you may choose between the current cover image of the journal you are printing or a classic Moleskine black hardcover. Covers created from images above 800 x 1200 pixels will look the best. If your cover image is low-resolution, you will see a warning. Please be aware that the cover image will be cropped slightly during printing, so keep critical information and text away from the edge of the cover. If your cover contains transparent elements, the color that you have selected for the back cover will show through the transparency. The black hardcover option also includes an inner pocket on the back cover.


Get the Most Out of Every Page

Images that cover the entire page look great, but there are a few things to watch out for. Because of the printing and page cutting process, about 2-3mm will be cropped from the outer edges of each page. For best results, double check that you don’t have any important details at the extreme edges of your page.

edges will be cropped

Get the Sharpest Images

Older iPads with lower-resolution screens won’t generate images that are as clear as newer, high-resolution Retina iPads. The printed image quality is still pretty good on Books printed from iPad Minis and older iPads, but for best results, newer iPads will make for the sharpest pages.

(Click for full size)
non-Retina iPad  
Non-Retina iPad on left, Retina iPad on right.

Get the Color You Want

We use a specially calibrated printing process that will reproduce your work as faithfully as possible. The HP Indigo printer we use sets the industry standard for color image reproduction. However, we are printing onto paper that has a matte finish, so colors will not be as bright as when you look at them on a glossy, backlit screen. Additionally, pure white will not be printed. Instead, the slightly cream colored background will show through, which will affect the tone of your highlights.

If you’re sketching with the intention of creating a Book, using colors that are a little brighter than you’d normally use on a screen will ensure that your colors are still bright when they come off the press.

Panorama format

The Book’s pages are bound in an accordion-style foldout that mimics the way journals appear in Paper. You can flip through the pages like a normal book or unfold the Book to display all the pages at once sitting on a surface or tacked up on a wall.

panorama format

Adding More Pages to a Book

Books currently have 15 pages. If you select fewer than 15 pages, the remaining pages will be blank at the end of the Book. 


We’ve worked to minimize the environmental impact of the Book as much as possible by using FSC-certified, sustainable paper. 

Built to Last

The ink and paper that we use are high quality. If you take care of your Book and store it out of direct sunlight, it should be around for quite a while.

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