Paste a Selection | Patron Only Feature


This feature is available exclusively to Paper Patrons. If you would like to subscribe as a Paper Patron, navigate to Settings > Paper Patron in the Paper app.

Each time you select a portion of the canvas with the Cut Tool, the selected region is copied to an internal clipboard. 

To paste the copied region into a different card, navigate to a new or existing canvas. Then tap the Paste button in the Tool Tray next to the Redo button.

The pasted region will appear on the canvas in the selected state. You can now move the pasted region of ink on the canvas and place it where you want. 

Please note, the paste functionality does not apply to the photo layer of the canvas nor to the background color of the canvas. It only applies to drawn inks.

And finally, the feature only works within Paper. You cannot copy a region of the canvas and then paste it into another app on your device.


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