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As of November 5, 2018, Paper Support has moved to join WeTransfer Support. This article is no longer being updated. Please click here for the current version of the Public Stream Support Article.

The Public Stream feature of Paper was shut down on August 21, 2017.

"Three years ago, we launched the Public Stream (previously known as Mix) as a place for users to share and remix Paper creations. It was born out of idealism and curiosity, a wish to open up creativity and share Paper creations around the globe. While sharing sparked tremendous creativity, a relatively small number of Paper creators continue to use the Public Stream today. Many creators find a larger, more engaged audience by sharing publicly on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and elsewhere. Since the social web has proven to be better place to share your work with the world, we have decided to shut down the Public Stream and focus on the core Paper experience.

Be sure to save ideas posted only to the Public Stream before August 15th if you want to keep them. Ideas in Paper grids other than the Public Stream will remain on your device.

Starting today, we encourage you to share your Paper creations on your preferred social network using the #MadeWithPaper hashtag. We will be launching a website soon that showcases Paper creations from popular social networks.

Shutting down the Public Stream will allow us to iterate faster on Paper and introduce many exciting new features. A major update is planned for Paper later this year that includes the return of Paper journals and other features. Stay tuned for details in the coming months.

We want to thank everyone who shared their creativity on Mix. In many ways, seeing your ideas has made us even stronger believers in our cause, to make creativity more accessible. We hope to see you online."

Georg Petschnigg
Co-Founder and CEO, FiftyThree

June 30, 2017

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