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Welcome! Paper is available for all devices that run iOS8 and above. The current version of Paper can be downloaded for either iPad or iPhone. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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Tip Center

Paper now includes a wealth of helpful information directly in the app. Tap on your profile picture on the top-left corner of the app, then tap on Tips & Support  to see information about the tools and features of Paper.


Navigate in Paper

Paper utilizes the basic tap, swipe, and pinch gestures that are common in iPad and iPhone apps. Tap to open a Grid, swipe or pinch to close. Within a Grid, scroll vertically to see all cards. To view individual cards, tap and swipe horizontally to move from card to card.


Hide and Reveal the Tool Tray

In the canvas view on the iPad, tap on the minimized tray or swipe upwards from below the screen to reveal the tool tray. The minimized tray is always present but will automatically hide for 3 seconds when you draw strokes close to it.


Start a New Card

A card in Paper can be a drawing, photo, text, or any combination of those content types. You can set the default for a card type by holding down on the new card tab (“+”) and selecting the canvas, photo, or text format.


Text Ideas

With Swipe to Style, text can be formatted in a number of ways:
1. Swipe left on text to get two levels of titles
2. Swipe right on text to get two levels of bullets
2a. the first level of bullets can also be used as checklist items
3. Tap and hold on the bullet to reorder your list
4. Tap and hold on the bullet to move a line item off screen and delete it
5. Format part of a line or get more style options such italics or strikethrough by using Apple's select and format menu.
6. You can copy/paste the text as Markdown


Canvas Layers

The canvas area in Paper has a number of layers. From top to bottom, they are the ink layer, the fill layer (see Fill tool below), the photo layer (with Spotlight), and the background layer. The Drawing Tools will impact the ink layer with the exception of the Fill tool.


Photos and Spotlight

Add photos from the text or ink canvas by tapping on the Photo icon. Tap the spotlight button to add an overlay. Draw or tap to spotlight details in the photo. You can spotlight more than one detail per photo. To edit or remove a spotlight from a photo, tap the photo icon and then the “x”.


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