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Connecting in Paper

To connect Pencil, find the pairing spot in Paper. In Paper 4.2, tap on the Settings icon (sliders) top right then "Canvas Settings" > "Stylus Settings" > "FiftyThree Pencil".

Press the Pencil tip firmly down on the pairing spot and hold. In about three seconds, your Pencil will connect and the pairing spot will turn white.

In many cases, Pencil will be able to automatically reconnect when you open your app. You’ll know it’s connected because the pairing spot will be white.

Note that Pencil will still work as a passive stylus when not connected. You won’t be able to erase with the eraser or blend with your finger, but you will be able to draw with it like any other non-battery-powered stylus.


Disconnecting Pencil

Pencil will conserve its battery well without having to disconnect it. If you would like to however, just press the tip on the connection point icon in the tray and you will see the white icon become inactive again.

If you connect Pencil to a different device, it will automatically disconnect from any other device it was connected to.


Pencil Connection Issues and Incorrect Blend Behavior

Please refer to this article for troubleshooting issues with connecting Pencil to Paper and with blending triggering when your draw or erase.


Turn Off Multitasking Gestures & Accessibility Zoom

If you have Multitasking Gestures or Accesibility Zoom enabled, this will prevent Pencil from operating effectively. Turn off Multitasking Gestures in your iPad or iPhone Settings, under General. Turn off Accessibility Zoom under General / Accessibility.





Changing Blending Behavior

When you are drawing with Pencil, you’ll be able to use your fingers to blend the ink on the canvas. You can turn the blend off or change it in the settings menu.

While your Pencil is connected, tap on the Settings icon (sliders) top right, then "Canvas Settings" > "Stylus Settings" > "Finger Settings".

From here, you can set it so a finger will either blend, cut, draw, erase or nothing.


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