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Using the Mixer

Mixing colors in Paper is easy. Tap any color well in the palette so that it is selected, with a bold white circle around it. Now, place your finger inside of the white circle in the Mixer itself. Rotate the circle clockwise and the colors will begin to mix together. Rotating counter-clockwise will un-mix the colors. The color that is inside of the white circle in the Mixer is your current "ink".


Choose Colors Using Sliders

In addition to Mixing, you can also choose colors via a HSL (hue, saturation, and lightness) slider interface. Tap the white circle inside of the Mixer. This will reveal the slider interface. If the Mixer was not already selected, you may need to tap twice. Tap twice slowly, to avoid bringing up the eye dropper tool.


Choose Colors from the Canvas

You can sample colors from any Card or photograph and save them to your palette. Simply pull up the tool tray and quickly double tap the Mixer to reveal the color picker. Drag the color picker to the desired color on the page, then tap the color picker or the Mixer again to use the color. You can sample colors from the ink, fill, photo, and background.


Save a Custom Color

Whether you have created a custom color through mixing or using the sliders, you can save it to a palette set by holding your finger on the circle in the Mixer until it "sticks" to your finger, dragging it to the color palette, and then lifting your finger. You can overwrite any color set, however only the last two sets will remain unaffected by a "Restore Palettes" action.


Navigate the Palette Sets

Swipe vertically for more colors and for empty wells to save your custom colors in.


Restore the Default Palettes

Tap on your profile in the top-left corner and then the gear icon (Settings). Tap on “App Settings” and then “Restore Color Palettes”. Restoring palettes will only affect the first five palettes that come with Paper and will not affect the last two custom palettes.


Change the Background Color

To fill the canvas with a color, hold your finger on the color well or the circle in the Mixer until the color "sticks" to your finger, then drag it onto the idea and lift your finger. This background color will be independent of the ink, fill and photo layers. You can also change the background of an existing drawing without ruining the drawing.

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