Backup and Restore

Paper now includes backup, which automatically makes secure, private copies of your Grids in the cloud. Once enabled, backup works in the background and ensures that you can always get back to your work created in Paper, even if your iPad or iPhone is damaged or stolen, or you want to move to a new device.

At present, your iPad and iPhone will back up to separate clouds. In a future release of Paper, your backups will sync and your content will be available on both devices.

Where is my data stored?

Backed up Spaces are stored on FiftyThree's own secure service.


Who can see my backed up Grids?

Your backed up Grids are only visible to you. No one else will have access to them.


When is Backup turned on?

Backup is turned on automatically when you log into a new FiftyThree account in Paper on Wifi.


How do I turn Backup on or off?

To turn on backup tap your profile picture in the top-left corner. Then tap Settings > App Settings > Backup and Restore to turn on backup on cellular networks or toggle off the Backup option. 


Where do I see my backup status?

The “Backup and Restore” page in “App Settings" provides current backup status.


When does Paper perform a backup?

Paper checks to see if a backup is needed every time you launch the app, five minutes after you draw a stroke, and anytime you go to Backup and Restore in App Settings.


I need to restore my content on an iPad or iPhone. How do I do this?

To restore your content (Grids and Cards) on a fresh install of Paper, log in to your FiftyThree account. 

You can access the full list of backups available by tapping the "Restore Backups" button. This button is only visible if there is more than one backup to choose from.


Can I restore my Grids at any time?

Yes, you can restore your Grids at any time while you are using Paper. Make sure you are signed in to the correct FiftyThree account and tap on your profile picture in the top-left, then on the gear icon. Tap on Settings > App Settings > Backup and Restore and then “Restore Backups”. This will take you to a list of backups that you can choose from. When you perform a restore, any content that is currently in Paper will be deleted and replaced with the restored content. Please note that “Restore Backups” will be visible only if there are other backups for you to restore from. You will not be able to see the current backup for the current device.


What happens if I created some Ideas before logging in to my FiftyThree account and restoring a backup?

If you created a few ideas before logging into your account and log into an account that has a valid backup, you will be presented with the Restore Ideas screen. Paper can merge ideas create in a logged out state with your most recent backup.

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