Diagram Samples made with Paper

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Flow Chart

With a Flowchart, you can easily illustrate and share a process flow in an understandable manner.


Venn Diagram

Typically consisting of two or three overlapping circles, a Venn diagram is useful way to illustrate the relationships between different groups or set of things.

Note: Fill behaves a little differently in the current version of Paper



The sample chart below shows how easy it is to illustrate how data changes over intervals of time.


Org Chart

An organizational or “org” chart is a very easy way to illustrate the hierarchy and stucture within an organization. Beginning at the top, the org chart shows the relationship between people working within any sized company or group.



A quadrant diagram allows you to illustrate how four different combinations of two variables are related. 


Pyramid Diagram

A Pyramid Diagram is a quick way to illustrate foundation-based relationships. 

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