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We are so thankful to all of those who collaborated with one another in the Public Stream over the last three years. However maintaining the Public Stream for a passionate, but small number of users means that we're limiting the time and effort we can put towards developing Paper.

In addition to your private Grids, you can also share your work and follow other Paper users. Tap"Public Stream" to see content shared by people you follow as well as content from Paper's curated channels, Sketch, Play, Think, Design and Write


All work shared to the Public Stream is committed to the Creative Commons Universal Public Domain, where it is free to evolve without constraint. Please read the Creator’s Code and Community Guidelines for more information about the Public Stream on FiftyThree.

Table of Contents

Follow and Search

When you follow another Paper user the content they've shared publicly will show up in your Public Stream. While you are viewing a single Card, tap the person's name in the bottom-left corner. This opens their profile page, where you can tap the checkmark button to follow or unfollow them.

While in the Public Stream view you can tap the magnifying glass to search for other Paper users by name or email address or you can select one of the people recommended by FiftyThree. 


Browse Cards

Tap on any Card in the Public Stream and swipe left or right to browse. At the bottom-right of the screen, you can tap on the “…” to save the Card to one of your Grids and see all the remixes of the Card. 

Tap on the arrow on the bottom left to bring up Apple’s iOS Share Menu. From there you’ll able to “Save Image”, copy the link to the Card, and share with 3rd party services that you’ve connected with as well as Paper's Public Stream. 

If you like a Card, you can show a little love by tapping on the star.



When you tap a Card in "People You Follow", it will open in your canvas and you can “remix” it. You can add additional detail, color in an area, or drastically alter the Idea. There’s no need to feel intimidated; the public stream is a space to explore and create, and every contribution is welcome as long as it honors the Creator’s Code. Please note that just copying a Card without making a change is not acceptable nor is removing the original artist's signature and replacing it with your own. 

When you’re done, tap the arrow on the bottom left and then scroll through the third row of options on the next screen until you see "Public Steam", tap that button and your Card will be shared with everyone who follows you, the original artist and everyone participating in the remix family. 

You can also "pinch to close" to share a Card you've remixed to the Public Stream. 


Profile Page

To access your Profile Page tap the Public Stream button and then tap the person icon (next to the magnifying glass). This will allow you to see who you're following and who follows you, the Cards you’ve shared to the Public Stream and the Cards you’ve "starred".

To follow another Paper user tap their name and then tap “Follow”. This will open their Profile Page. The “Follows” button shows you who they are following, which is a great way to discover other creators. The “Cards” button takes you to all of the Cards that they have shared to the Public Stream.


The Settings Menu

Tap on your profile picture in the top-left corner and then tap the gear icon (Settings). Tapping your user name will allow you to upload a photo, add or edit your bio. If you want to adjust your sharing settings, you can do so in the “Paper” section of settings. 

To change your email address tap "Edit Account" - the Paper website will open in another window, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the new email address. Then tap "Done". To return to the Paper app tap "Back to Paper" in the top-left corner.


Reporting Inappropriate Content

If you’re concerned about content created by someone you follow or content in a remix family, you can bring it to our attention by tapping on the “…” in the Card view. Tap on “Flag as Inappropriate” and then confirm that you’d like the moderators to review. You can also send an email to: with your concerns. 


Blocking People

If someone is making you uncomfortable, you can block them from interacting with you and seeing your work. When you’re viewing their Profile Page, tap on the “…” and then “Block this Person”. They’ll no longer be able to follow you, remix or star your work.


Enable Push Notifications

Enabling push notifications will allow you to be alerted on your iPad or iPhone when someone interacts with you. You can choose to be notified when someone follows you, remixes your work, and/or stars one of your Cards. There is an option for each type of event.

To enable push notifications, tap your icon in the top-left corner, then tap on the gear icon, then “Push Notifications Settings". This will take you to the Paper website, where you can choose which events should trigger notifications and emails.


Turn Off Push Notifications

You can find the Paper push notification settings in your iPad and iPhone Settings, under Notifications.


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