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As of November 5, 2018, Paper Support has moved to join WeTransfer Support. This article is no longer being updated. Please click here for the current version of the Journal Sync Support Article.

With Journal Sync, you can back up your journals to iCloud and sync your content between devices. Journal Sync is a Paper Pro feature.
  • Synced - Your journal will be synced with your iCloud account
  • Local-Only - Your journal will available only on that device
  • Cloud-Only - Your journal is on iCloud and not available on your device
iCloud account
Journal sync is tied to your AppleID, not your Paper account. The your storage limits are managed via Apple
Paper accounts are only required to transfer Paper 3 content into Paper 4. If you've done that, you can sign out of Paper.
Please note that if you log out of your iCloud account in iOS Settings, Paper will not be able to display your synced journals.
Sync all vs. selective sync
You can choose between syncing all the journals on your device or selective syncing.
To change the sync status of an individual journal, tap on the journal's title or via the Journal Sync settings page.
Deleting and recovering Synced Content
You can recover deleted files or Journals via your device's Files app. In the Files app, navigate to the Recently Deleted area under "Locations". You should  see all of your deleted pages or journal folders there. Tap on "Select", select the Paper content you want to recover, and then "Recover".
Page resolution
Pages have the resolution of the device they were created on. If you create a page on iPhone, it may appear blurry when edited on iPap Pro.
If you create a page on a higher resolution device, it will keep that high resolution forever.
Why do I have so many duplicate journals?
If you performed restore from backup on multiple devices, or if you have used iTunes file sharing to move copies of journals to another device, each of those journals is treated as unique.
I need syncing on the desktop!
Paper's files currently sync to the iCloud Drive folder in Mac OS, but there is not currently a Mac app which can open them. We are in the early phases of planning for a Paper desktop experience.
If you are excited about accessing your Paper creations from the desktop, we would love to hear from you. Just email to tell us about how you would personally use a Paper desktop app.
Need help?
Please feel free to reach out to us at via this form at WeTransfer and we'll do our best to help.
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