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As of November 5, 2018, Paper Support has moved to join WeTransfer Support. This article is no longer being updated. Please click here for the current version of Paper's Release Notes.


Paper 4.2.6 October 29, 2018

This update adds a some subtle visual polish to the navigation views for devices that support specific SceneKit features.

We’ve also spruced up the settings menu, and made our “How to Use Paper” videos easier to find.


Paper 4.2.5 October 18, 2018

This version brings two essential features to the full screen canvas view.

  • Transition to the previous or next page in your journal by swiping with ONE FINGER from the left or right edge of the screen.
  • Create a new blank page by swiping left or right with TWO FINGERS on the canvas.

Whether you’re reviewing sketches, presenting work, or rapidly filling a journal with ideas, these two new gestures will keep you in the flow.

We’ve also localized Paper for our Dutch speaking customers.


Paper 4.2.4 October 4, 2018

This update fixes an infrequent bug that prevented newly synced pages from correctly appearing in the canvas editor. Now the pages will appear as expected.


Paper 4.2.3 September 26, 2018

Stability and performance improvements for synced journals.


Paper 4.2.2 August 1, 2018

The Diagram Tool has relearned an old trick: arrowheads. You can add arrowheads to strokes created with the Diagram Tool by holding still for a moment at the end of any stroke. Then just tap to save one or both of the arrowheads that appear.

This release also contains some sync bug fixes and performance optimizations.


Paper 4.2.1 June 30, 2018

Stability and performance improvements for synced journals.


Paper 4.2 June 21, 2018

Journal sync is finally here. Customers can now sync their journals between iOS devices via iCloud. Your journals will be with you wherever you go. And your creations will be safely backed up should anything happen to your iPad or iPhone.


  • In rare circumstances, tapping one journal would open a different journal. Now journals keep to themselves.


Paper 4.1.2 May 3, 2018

4.1.2 fixes a couple of bugs.
      • Recurring journal settings "tip" is no longer so persistent.
      • Pages now deselect properly after performing move or delete actions in the grid view.


Paper 4.1.1 April 27, 2018

4.1.1 makes it easy to export and share a unique page-by-page video of any journal.
  • Choose "Export Video" from the journal export options.
  • Use the hashtag #madewithpaper to make your creation more discoverable.


Paper 4.1.0 April 20, 2018

4.1 brings one of the most requested Paper features of all time: multiple brush sizes. And for customers who annotate a lot of photos, your workflow just got a serious upgrade — you can now add several photo pages to your journal at once.
  • Multiple brush sizes for PRO customers.
  • Rapid photo insert.
  • Set finger to erase when using Pencil.
  • Export PDF from the grid: PRO customers can use multi-select to create a PDF. 


Paper 4.0.11 February 22, 2018

4.0.11 brings page selection to the grid view, enabling you to export, delete, rotate, and duplicate from the grid. Paper PRO subscribers can select multiple pages at a time.
  • Grid view page selection.
  • Multi-select for PRO customers.
  • Rotate pages.


  • You can now bring the Tool Tray back up if it becomes hidden while using the Cut tool. Copy and paste is a terrible thing to waste.
  • Exporting pages wouldn't always show the most recent edits. Fixed!


Paper 4.0.10 February 20, 2018

4.0.10 is a quick follow up to 4.0.9 to fix the size of the inks & eraser when zoomed.

Paper 4.0.9 February 16, 2018

4.0.9 is full of useful features and a few big bug fixes. We mainly worked on improving stability.
  • Reorder journals.
  • Undo/redo includes photo layer and background color changes.
  • Undo/redo on any page you’ve edited, anytime during the same session.
  • Show tray button - a quick way to bring the Tool Tray back.
  • Clean canvas mode - hide those buttons all of the time.
  • Copy and paste ink improvements.
  • Diagram tool handwriting mode.
  • New templates! Perspective grids, device mockups, writing guides, planning guides, and comic frames.


  • Fixed a few crashing bugs.
  • Sometimes journals would become a literal shadow of their former selves, especially when bringing Paper back from the background. Fixed.
  • Overall stability and performance improvements.


  • Multi-select in the Grid View.
  • Diagram tool arrowheads.


Paper 4.0.8 January 14, 2018

4.0.8 fixes two bugs:
  • In 4.0.7, the FiftyThree Pencil dialog was broken on iOS 10. This is now fixed.
  • Some of Paper’s dialogs have been rudely pausing your music playback. We taught Paper some better manners.


Paper 4.0.7 January 11, 2018

It includes an “unlock hidden content” flow, mainly for support to help people track down missing 3.X content. It also has some upgrades to the FiftyThree Pencil dialog. We aren’t broadcasting those changes, though. Here are the public release notes:
4.0.7 addresses a few bugs. Here’s what’s included:
  • Fix to address the most common app crashing bug.
  • Export fix: single page filenames now properly reflect their page number.
  • Export fix: sharing pages to the Paste app via share extension is working again.
  • iOS 11 drag and drop: exported drawings via drag and drop now respect the “include background color” setting.
  • Reset color palettes: now resetting your palettes only affects the first five palettes, not the blank ones you customized.


  • Reorder Journals (All users)
  • Multi-select in Grid View (All users)

Paper 4.0.6 December 28, 2017

4.0.6 brings good gifts for all customers, both naughty and nice.
  • Custom imported cover images: Add your own image to any journal cover.
  • Zoom dot grid: Dots. When you zoom. Enjoy.
  • Improved export for text notes: Text pages export as an image, and as real text.
  • Improved export reliabilty for very large journals
  • Reorder Journals (All users)
  • Multi-select in Grid View w/ delete, export, duplicate and rotate actions (All users)

Paper 4.0.5 December 20, 2017

4.0.5 brings back some important features:
  • Journal list view and search: Quickly jump to any journal, even if you’ve got a few hundred of them.
  • Scale, rotate, and move imported images.
  • Import from the camera.
  • Airprint is enabled for journals and single pages.
  • Check out our updated support site:
And we fixed a few things:
  • Exported image and PDF now have sensible file names.
  • Exported PDFs are now optimized for smaller file sizes.
  • Custom imported cover images: Add your own image to any journal cover. (All users)
  • Reorder Journals (All users)
  • Multi-select in Grid View w/ delete, export, duplicate and rotate actions (All users)
  • Zoom dot grid (All users)


Paper 4.0.4 December 8, 2017

4.04 contains these fixes:
  • Paper would always reset to the first color palette. Now Paper keeps your palette in place.
  • Tapping on the canvas would sometimes cause a Cut action. All fixed. Now your taps are just taps.
  • Tap-to-fill and tap-to-cut Smart Shapes was unreliable, especially when using Apple Pencil. Both of those actions are easier now.
  • Tossing a cut region to delete it is a fast and fun way to delete things. Now you can do it even if you’re zoomed in.
  • When using a stylus, if your finger was set to Draw, Paper would blend instead. We fixed that.
  • Check out our updated support site:
  • Journal list view and search: Quickly jump to any journal, even if you’ve got a few hundred of them. (All users)
  • Custom imported cover images: Add your own image to any journal cover. (All users)
  • Scale, rotate, and move imported images. (All users)
  • Reorder Journals (All users)
  • Multi-select in Grid View w/ delete, export, duplicate and rotate actions (All users)
  • Zoom dot grid (All users)

Paper 4.0.3 December 3, 2017

Included updates:
  • Old content from previous versions of Paper, as well as our sample content, was a little blurry on high res devices. Now we’re looking sharp.
  • Applied the transparent Template fix to all existing content, not just new content.
  • Paper was reverting your last undo/redo step upon exiting the canvas. No more!
  • Exporting without a background color works more reliably now.
  • Old notification badges on the home screen Paper icon are properly cleared.
  • We widened the Tool Tray for iPad Pro 12.9" and 10.5" in landscape. No scrolling necessary.
  • We made sure that the Canvas Roll (photo/template import) tool is visible on 9.7" iPads in landscape.


Paper 4.0.2 December 1, 2017

4.0.2 contains fixes for several bugs:

  • Intermittent crash with the Cut tool
  • Intermittent crash when you restore from backup in certain views
  • Intermittent crash when pinching out from the Canvas
  • Intermittent crash when using iOS 11 Drag and Drop in the Butterfly view
  • Add transparency back to our templates so the background color shows through
  • Make panning with 2 fingers in the zoomed Canvas more reliable
  • Improve iOS 11 Drag and Drop UX


Paper 4.0, 4.0.1 November 29, 2017

Paper 4.0 is entirely rebuilt, reworked with SceneKit to be even more beautifully simple. 

  • An all-new look and feel for Paper
  • Arrange sketches and notes into 3D journal view: a personal set of notebooks
  • Group notes with sketches and annotate your photos
  • Beautiful covers to customize your workspace
  • Your notebooks transform into grids for easy organization
  • Support for Split View and all device orientations
  • Optimized for iPhone X, all iPad Pro, and Apple Pencil 
  • Paper Patron is now Paper Pro
  • Works with Paste for building stories with your team


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